BITA HAIR Growth Supplement
BITA HAIR Growth Supplement
BITA HAIR Growth Supplement
BITA HAIR Growth Supplement
BITA HAIR Growth Supplement

BITA HAIR Advanced Hair Growth Supplement-Volume Amplifier- With KERATIN

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BITA HAIR Combines the 28 Finest Ingredients for Hair Growth (All in One). These ingredients include :Keratin, Collagen, Biotin, OptiMSM, Silica, a Complete Multivitamin, Minerals, Nutrients, and an Exclusive Proprietary Blend of Pure Herbs Sourced Globally,

Specially Formulated to :

Target any sign of Hair Loss or shedding

Increase Hair Growth rate

Improve Hair Strength & Elasticity

Block Overproduction of DHT

 Amplify Hair Volume

Balance the pH level of the scalp

Promote a Healthier, Well Nourished Scalp

  • FDA Registered and Inspected Facility✔️
  • GMP Certified✔️
  • GMO Free Certified Quality✔️
  • Laboratory Tested✔️
  • Clinically Proven✔️
  • Cruelty Free✔️
  • Hormone Free✔️
  • All Natural Ingredients✔️
  • Made in USA🇺🇸

 Ingredients include

  1. 50 mg Keratin (Generates more keratin- the building block of hair)
  2. 250 mg Collagen Type 1 & 3 (Enhances the diameter of hair strands and reduces wrinkles)
  3. 5000 mcg Biotin (Increases strength of hair follicles )
  4. 12.5 mg Silica (From bamboo stem extract) (Improves the structural integrity & texture of hair)
  5. 250 mg OptiMSM®️ (Our patented ingredient) (Rejuvenates, Restores, & repairs-generates hair cells) OptiMSM®️ is a registered trademark of Bergstrom Nutrition®️
  6. 5 mg Hyaluronic Acid (Makes strands thicker by ionic bonding)
  7. 50 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (Protects hair against harmful radiation)
  8. 125 mg L-Methionine (Delivers Keratin & Collagen into the hair shaft )
  9. 120 mg Gotu Kola Extract (Makes blood vessels of scalp more powerful thus better blood circulation)
  10. 50 mg Fo-Ti Root Powder (Widely known as hair growth accelerator herb and youth-restorer)
  11. 50 mg Amla Fruit Extract (Stimulates healthy new growth)
  12. 25 mg Goji Berry Extract (Contains 19 amino acids- increases blood circulation & improves collagen production)
  13. 5 mg Bladderwrack Powder (Reduces excessive shedding)
  14. 5 mg Nori Yaki (Blocks DHT production)
  15. 5 mg Wakame Powder (Bonds Collagen & Hyaluronic acid together)
  16. 100 mg Grape Seed Extract (Prevents Keratin & Collagen from damages)
  17. 100 mg Citrus Bioflavonoid 50% Complex (Enhances vitamin C absorption for a healthy hair growth)
  18. 5 mg Olive Water Extract (Maintains healthy hair)
  19. 2 mg Natural Astaxanthin Complex (Neutralizes free radicals to overcome hair loss and wrinkles)
  20. 20 mg Pantothenic Acid (Balances metabolism for amino acids)
  21. 85 mg Calcium (Balances hormones and enzymes)
  22. 20 mg Zinc (DNA production & repairs hairs tissue)
  23. 140 mcg Selenium (Prevents hair loss, dandruff, & dry scalp)
  24. 1 mg Copper (Enlarges hair follicles)
  25. 4 mg Manganese (Promotes collagen & silica production)
  26. 400mg Vitamin C (Absorbs iron for hair growth while aids collagen bonding)
  27. 60 IU Vitamin E (Maintains a healthy scalp)
  28. 4 mg Vitamin B6 (Prevents excessive shedding)

For learning about details of each ingredient, please click on the ingredients tab in the main menu. 


The BITA HAIR Advanced Hair Growth Supplement-Volume Amplifier- With KERATIN is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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