What do BITA HAIR supplements do?

  • Supports Hair Growth 
  • Block DHT 
  • Amplifies Volume 
  • Minimize Shedding

For all the specific details about each of our ingredients you can click on the ingredients tab 

Is there any side effects? 

There is no side effects however you must consult with your physician in case of allergies to certain ingredients.

How long does it take until I see results?

For best results, you must take 2 tablets daily for at least 30-60 consecutive days but results will improve even more with continued use. However, you might see improvement earlier & notice a significant difference in the growth, integrity & texture of your hair.

You can stop taking BITA HAIR at any stage you would like. There is absolutely no commitment necessary.  

Will I grow hair anywhere other than my scalp?

No, BITA HAIR is 100% hormone free. The hair on places other than the scalp are preset to grow to a certain length and are unaffected by our formula.

Does BITA HAIR come from genetically modified organisms?

No, BITA HAIR is non-gmo.

How can I trust this supplement with my hair?

BITA HAIR is manufactured in an FDA approved & inspected facility for your peace of mind, as well as GMP certified to ensure quality.

Is BITA HAIR Halal or Kosher?

Yes, both Halal and Kosher.

Is BITA HAIR cruelty free?


Where is BITA HAIR manufactured at?

Proudly manufactured in USA.

How long does shipping take?

Free Shipping takes 2-3 days on all domestic orders. You will be able to track your shipping as soon as you place an order.

For international shipping, charges and timing varies depending on your region.

What if I did not receive shipping details?

In that case email us your order number directly to info@bitahair.com